Why filter water?

Why filtration is the healthy, smart and affordable alternative to both tap & bottled water?

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No ordinary filter

Waters Co filters continue to offer you the best in water filter technology through ongoing R&D

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Our water filters remove chlorine, heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria & create alkaline, mineral water.

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Our Story

Now available to UK & Europe, Waters Co 'Bio Mineral Pot' Water Filters have been the premium name for quality water filtration in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Asia since 1984. Supplying direct to public and wholesale for over 30 years. Waters Co carry a range of filters to suit most requirements, personal, domestic & commercial. With units ranging from portable 600ml bottle filters. 1 litre jugs, bench top systems & shower filters.  Our latest range of filters remove up to 99% fluoride.

Taste the difference & turn your lifeless, contaminated tap water into great tasting, purified, alkaline mineral water!

Save on costly & inferior bottled water.

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  • BMP Ace 1.5 litre

    Dear Waters Co.,

    I live in the United States and purchased a mineral pot online from your company a few years ago.  I LOVE IT!!!  I can't find anything like it in the States. 

    Thank you so much!!

    Amanda Smith
  • BMP 400

    We have been using a bio filter for a while now and my father simply CANNOT do without it.  I am aware of its ability to allow oxygen absorption in the blood and my father was a chronic asthmatic because he had worked in flour mills all his life, so his lungs simply don't function like they should.  His blood oxygen levels used to be around 80% but when last checked by a doctor were 95% of which the doctor simply couldn't believe.  I believe the products are great and will make a significant boost to your health.

    Chris Summers Vic.
  • Practitioner statement

    I have been practicing Naturopathy for over 20 years in that time my family & I have been using Waters Co Mineral Pots to help maintain good health. As a practitioner I have been recommending & supplying these systems since the 1980’s to my patients, friends & family. Mineral Pots supply fresh, great tasting water from both Tap & Tank water supplies.

     I have found many patient benefits linked to the introduction of these systems including: Better looking & healthier skin, relief from migraines, less fatigue, better moods & increased consumption of water due to the great taste, which eliminates many potential long term health issues related to dehydration. Even kids love to drink it.

    H. Barber N.D Vic.
  • BMP Ace 1.5 Litre 

    I have been using the Ace Mineral Pot Filter every day since the mid 80s & it has helped to keep me feeling healthy & young at 80+ years of age.

    I have gone to considerable effort to find replacement filters for my Mineral Pot rather than trying another brand. My old Mineral Pot is now retired, because the representative said it was looking a bit tired and I have been given a new (free) Ace Mineral Pot, which I expect will out last me. I’m thrilled with the service I’ve received from Waters Co as it is very unusual these days to get such personal attention.I had also used for a short time another filter system but found that the taste & quality could not compare to the Mineral Pot.

    I feel well qualified to highly recommend Mineral Pot Filters.

    Mrs I Mohrer Elwood Vic.
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